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Dr. Trevor K. Thompson

A Champion’s Call

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Metro Nashville Sickle Cell 3 Mile

This event is designed to raise awareness of Sickle Cell Disease and to raise funds to provides educational and social services for individuals living with Sickle Cell.
Join us, get some exercise, network, and most importantly– walk to make a difference!

Mark Walden Sickcell 5k

The Sickle Cell 5K Run Walk in Memphis originated in 2007 by the Alpha Memphis Education Foundation. It was developed to create a greater awareness in the Memphis community of Sickle Cell Disease and to raise money for patient care, social services, and research. Presently, the event is under the leadership of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee. All proceeds from the event will directly benefit individuals living with Sickle Cell. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals living with this debilitating disease.

Tennessee Cares Virtual Walk for Sickle Cell

Your health is important? Yes, that’s right. Let’s take an opportunity to do something good for ourselves and something good for others. Sickle cell disease has been often overlooked in many ways such as funding, research and social services. Sign up for our Tennessee Cares Virtual Walk for Health. It’s simple! Just register on our site and during the month of September, Sickle Cell Awareness Month, participate in an activity to improve your health and in turn help others all month long!


The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee (SCFT) is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2008, by the late Dr. Trevor K. Thompson and Cherry N.Whitehead-Thompson. As an educator (Administrator with Memphis City Schools) and sickle cell disease consumer, Dr. Thompson championed the call for advocacy, educational support and social services for citizens impacted by sickle cell disease in Memphis, across the state of Tennessee, and in the regions of north Mississippi and eastern Arkansas. His efforts have enabled SCFT to provide educational awareness, through direct contact, via television, radio, print, and social media to more than 1,000,000 citizens across the Mid-South area.


To provide educational awareness, comprehensive social services, and collective supportive impact to all persons affected by Sickle Cell Disease within our service areas.


To improve the quality, self-sufficiency, and sustainment of life of all sickle cell consumers to the highest credible level possible.

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