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The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee (SCFT) recognizes that young adults living with Sickle Cell Disease need the opportunity to communicate and get advice from older adults living with Sickle Cell. We have met this need by establishing the Virtual Mentors Program (VMP). Virtual Mentors are volunteers that provide practical advice and support to their mentee based on their experiences of living with Sickle Cell as an adult.  Each Virtual Mentor is required to contact their Virtual Mentee at least twice a month via electronic communication and/or social media platform sanction by SCFT. Additionally, Virtual Mentors have passed a background check and has been vetted by SCFT staff.

To ask for a virtual mentor, please contact the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee at 901-552-4267 or email us at
Please complete the following Survey at the conclusion of the Virtual Mentorship program. There is a survey link for the mentors and a separate survey link for the mentees. Thanks for your feedback.

Virtual Mentor Survey Virtual Mentee Survey

Disclaimer: Virtual Mentors are not licensed therapist, physician, counselors or social workers. They are only to provide positive advice and guidance to the mentees. Any medical or psychological need of the mentee must be addressed by their own healthcare facility and/or physician.

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