Calling All Champions


SCFT was founded in 2008 by the late Dr. Trevor K. Thompson and his wife Cherry N. Whitehead-Thompson. As an educator (Administrator with Memphis City Schools) and sickle cell disease consumer, Dr. Thompson championed the call for advocacy, educational support, and social services for citizens impacted by sickle cell disease in the Memphis area, across the state of Tennessee, and in the regions of north Mississippi and eastern Arkansas.

His efforts have enabled SCFT to provide educational awareness via television, radio, print, and social media to more than 1,000,000 citizens across the Mid-South area.

Advocacy, Education, and Social Services sets this organization apart from many like it. Instilled deep within the foundation of this organization is the fact that despite battling the complications Sickle Cell Disease brings forth in a Consumer’s life, you can still accomplish any goal your heart desires.
The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee has birthed many advocates since being founded in 2008. Advocacy has stirred the pot of motivation within the Mid-South.

Those who have become advocates on behalf of Sickle Cell have in a sense been motivators, motivating doctors and scientists to improve treatment and to find a cure, motivating the community to support those living with the disease, and above all, motivating Sickle Cell Consumers to live a meaningful life; the life of a fighter, the life of a… Champion!

Dana Woods talks about living with Sickle Cell

With that being said, those who work tirelessly at SCFT continue to encourage their community not to give up on education by offering to consumers an education series called “Living Well with Sickle Cell”.
They do what they can to educate the community, not only about Sickle Cell and how it affects the lives of many people, but also education the community on many “life lessons” that can help someone in the long run. To go even further, SCFT offers several different social services to help Sickle Cell consumers make it through the tough times they may face in life.

Dr. Thompson dedicated his life to improving the quality of life of those who live with Sickle Cell Disease. He always went above and beyond to do whatever he could to help those living with sickle cell disease and their families.

Dr. Thompson fully represented what it meant to be a Champion of sickle cell while living with sickle cell disease. A Champion’s Call is his legacy to our community, now we are calling on all of you!

Please support the hard work of those at the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee. Please help support those whoa re living with Sickle Cell Disease. How can you do so? Can you donate some of your time by volunteering? If not, we hope you could donate whatever funds you can to help the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee continue its great work in our community. Remember, a little bit can go a long way!

Donate today, thank you!

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