Life Insurance Education Draws Attention From Tennessee Area Sickle Cell Consumers Through Qsource Partnership

Tennessee Cares Virtual Walk For Sickle Cell 2018

Tennessee Cares Virtual Walk For Sickle Cell 2018

Join us for Tennessee cares virtual walk for sickle cell A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. You can run, jog, or walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track (or even at another race). You...

Mark Walden Memorial Sick Cell 5k

Mark Walden Memorial Sick Cell 5k

The Mission at Sickle Cell Foundation The Mission of The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee is to provide comprehensive social services to improve the quality of life of individuals living with Sickle Cell and educational services to the Mid-South community.

Calling All Champions

Calling All Champions

  THE SICKLE CELL FOUNDATION OF TENNESSEE (SCFT) IS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION SCFT was founded in 2008 by the late Dr. Trevor K. Thompson and his wife Cherry N. Whitehead-Thompson. As an educator (Administrator with Memphis City Schools) and sickle cell disease...

Insurance is one of the most important things a responsible adult can invest in, more specifically life insurance. Yes, our lives are not anything that we want to take lightly. Many sadly believe that once they are resting peacefully in their graves that all their problems just goes away right with their existence. That is exactly NOT the case, though. When we are done making our wonderful impact on this planet, all the unsettled dust we kicked up during our race in life becomes the responsibility of our spouse, or relatives. You know, things like credit card debt, that nice car note, the mortgage, the loan you may have taken out to help your children go to a nice college… Things like that do not just disappear when you cross the finish line. Oh and let me not forgot the costs that accumulate with death. Do you see, now, why Life Insurance is so important? Now imagine the importance of insurance to Sickle Cell Consumers.

With those points being stated, we at The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee and Qsource decided it was only right for us to use our monthly educational series to educate our community about Life Insurance. We were privileged to have Timothy Hicks with Tri-State Insurance Agency to accept our invite to come and be our guest speaker. Mr. Hicks was able to inform our participants of the benefits of obtaining insurance. He also informed us of different ways that we are automatically covered through our day to day spending. Let me give you an example. Planning or planned an upcoming trip? Catching a flight to your destination? Paid with your credit card? Did you know that when you pay for flights using your credit card that your bank automatically covers you if there was an accident and you sadly lost your life? Information like that is good for you and your family to know. Timothy Hicks provided information like that, plus more. Which truly benefited those from the community who came and participated. For that, we want to thank Mr. Hicks and Tri-State Insurance Agency.

Please be sure you all pay attention to the releases of our upcoming events and be sure to join in the discussions at our monthly educational seminars. We invite all to show their support! Helps us help those who are Living With Sickle Cell live well and truly excel. Therefore, becoming winners at life.

Reads Left to Right: Justin Flowers & Michael Jackson (SCFT), Frances Richardson (Qsource), Timothy Hicks (Nationwide Insurance)

Event Sponsor

This event was sponsored by Timothy Hicks of Tri-State Insurance Agency, Inc. Whose products are underwritten by Nationwide Insurance and Affiliated Companies.

Timothy Hicks Sr. (Agency President)
Tel. 901-767-3379 Memphis, Tn
Tel. 870-338-3425 Helena, Ar

The Qsource Project provides access to the Sickle Cell Acute Care Card. It gives you easy access to your personal treatment plan for pain and allows you to share the plan with emergency room doctors, helping to reduce waiting times during emergency room visits.

Sign up for the free online resource by calling Francis Richardson at 901-273-2637.

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